jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Chinita's Fair!

We can say that in Maracaibo, Venezuela the christmas begin with the celebration of Chinita's Fair. This is a festivity where the principal objective is celebrate the date when appeared a little piece of wood in the shore of The Lake of Maracaibo, in this little piece of wood an old woman, who was washing her clothes in the water of this lake, could see an image of "Our Lady of The Rosary of Chiquinquira". Since that moment this piece of wood with the image is located in an altar in "La Basilica", this is the church where a lot of people go to ask the virgin and pray. 

This celebration begins on November, but the date when this miracle happened was on November 18 of 1709. In this month, organize a lot of events like parades, the election of "La Reina de La Feria de la Chinita" and others two events, "El Encendido de las Luces" and "La Bajada de la Virgen", for me these are the most important because in both the people go to the streets and we can see the union of a people for an special reason. This year "El Encendido" will be on November 5. And the end of all this, is the begin of christmas in this region of the country.

I like this celebration because is a reason for forget all the problems of the people and the goverment, and give us a bit of faith and happiness, who is something that all of us need with urgent in our life.

Also something that represent us and our culture is "La Gaita" and in this date is usually hear some of this beautiful music. This are two videos of my favorites "Gaitas"..  

This is "Venite pa' Maracaibo" and "Guaco" is the group who sings this song..


..and this is "Esta es la ciudad mas bella" and "Cardenales del exito" is the group who sing this song..

I hope to show the world with this post, something of this celebration that represents us and makes us feel proud of our land and our culture. I also hope you liked it. Greetings and best wishes to all.

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Welcome to my life!

Hello! My name is Eva Panimbono, I'm 18 years old and I study 5th trimester of Computer Science Engineering. I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela and I live there. This trimester I'm taking five classes, one of them is English. That is one of my favorite subjects because I would like learn a new idiom.

My family are the most important I have.. They are my mother, my only sister, my aunt and uncle, my grandmother and grandfather. All them make my life more easy with their support and love. 

The things I like are.. listen to music and watch Tv, this when I don't have to practice my favorite sport, that is Karate-Do. I'm black belt and part of the state selection. Go to train is what I most love to do since I was 6 years old. Also I like chat with my friends, go out with my family in the weekends and travel.
The foods I like are pizza, sandwich, hamburgers, hot  dogs and others more.

I hate get up in the morning and I don't like go to the bed early. Also I don't like the chicken, the most of the vegetables and dresses. I hate smoking, I think the cigarette is something who shouldn't exist.

I have a lots of dreams.. like finish my career with best notes and get a good job. Another of my dreams is make a beatiful family with a good person. But I think the one most important of my dreams is be part of the national selection and go to a world championship, and of course compete and give the best of me to win.

English.. I think this is the most important language in the world, because all people speak it and is more easy to communicate with persons of all the world. Something I do for practice my English is..  Listen songs, look for the lyric and then listen again the song, but this time I try to listen the song and read the lyric at the same time, when I find the words I don't understand, I go to the net, and I look for the meanings of them all.

Well.. all these are things I wanted to share with all of you. Are part of my life and I hope you liked it.

Eva Panimbono.